Education Foundation

Education Foundation


Kilidestination Foundation is operated and managed by Local Tanzanians living and residing in Moshi or Arusha, under the management of Kilidestination Company

The ownership and responsibilities lie on the shoulders of our local Porters, Guides, and Cooks. Our Foundation Founders will assist in every way to provide guidance in running a functional tour company..

We have noticed many Kilimanjaro Trekking Companies are run by Travel Corporation located in New York, London, Los Angeles, and Germany which is outside Tanzania’s jurisdiction. We wanted assure all tour expenses go directly to the workers. The Board of Directors is operating under strict voluntary guidance. This means they do not take any pay from your travel funds.

The portion of the profit generated from the Tour operation will be used to educate porters to a language school and support their immediate family members while they are at school. Another portion will be used for company growth for the best future of the coming generation.

The Official Language of Tanzania is Swahili. Being able to speak English opens a lot of opportunities to local Tanzanians such as going to higher education school, opening their own business, and even working as a mountain guide.

On the 10th trekking trip the porter fulfills, they will be eligible to take advantage of Kilidestination Adventure Educational Funds. When the funds become available we will send them to English Language School in Moshi or Arusha. By obtaining an English Language Certificate they will be eligible to go to Kilimanjaro Guide School afterward. The average salary difference between a Porter and a Certified English Speaking Guide is 2-3 times.

Kilidestination Adventure, will not be associated nor be discriminatory based on Religion, Race, Sex, Age, or Educational level for those who are in need of our care or support.

It is our principle to run a non-denomination, non-profit foundation under the Kilidestination company. We pledge to our guides and porters and commit to our future generation personnel working for this company that we will not be associated with nor represent a particular group listed above.

As a tour Agency that supports this Non-Profit Kilidestination foundation under our Company, the Goal is to be as Transparent on your Tour Cost and our Operations. Hence, we will openly disclose our annual financial reports and all porters, cooks, and Guides who have benefited from this foundation, on the website at end of each fiscal year upon review by the Board of Directors

We strongly believe in Transparency. You chose us because you trusted and supported our vision, so we should return by providing the latest and most accurate information to you. We promise we will update the progression of the porters we sent to the school and notify the general public with the information. As well as each fiscal year we plan to openly disclose our financial reports online to display how the funds were being used.

We will provide the best and safest experience to our clients and donations will not be requested nor be accepted if labor is not performed by our guides, porters, and cooks.

Kilidestination, strongly believes that working and providing jobs to the local community is the best way to exit from poverty. Hence, we won’t accept any monetary donation for something we haven’t worked for. If you wish to support educating porters without trekking with us there is a wonderful organization called Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP). We would like to kindly refer to them for monetary donations. However, if you wish to donate your skills and time with our Foundation we kindly accept that. Please feel free to contact us and we would love to hear how you would be able to help us!

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