Choosing Kilimanjaro

Choosing Kilimanjaro

Each route, out of all six ascend routes have its own benefits and challenges.. Hence, which route is the best to climb depends on yourself. Like many things in life there is no absolutely right or wrong. – When overview of goods and worse of each route, firstly prefer to your High altitude records, physical conditions as well as your expectations while on Kilimanjaro on your way to the summit – Ask yourself about what you expect, A less crowded route? Extra acclimatization day(s), The more scenic and paranomic views, The very possible budget route? All are possible For your successfully trek on Kilimanjaro, just let us now see how it works in each route.

Advantages And Challenges

Kilimanjaro Routes

Also referred as the Whisky Route Machame is currently the favorite route among many climbers . The classic duration to the top is 7 days, or you can have option of skip one day and make it six days. It is alongside Lemosho Route the most picturesque route on Kilimanjaro. The hike follows steeper paths and is more adventurous, especially because of the famous Breakfast Wall (Barranco Wall). On the fifth day Machame Route merges with Lemosho Route. Both routes take from here the same trek up to Uhuru Peak.

Lemosho Route is one of the quieter routes with fantastic views. Although it is possible to get to the summit in Seven Days, But Lemosho route designed for the eight days trek. It is recommended for the climbers who never be on high altitude before, to take lemosho route Eight days trip, so as to have … Short hikes per each day hence enough hours of rest, More extras acclimatization Days, Giving your body enough time to adopt new height you get something that will easier your acclimatization too and have more success chances. The route on the fifth day, at the Shira Plateau, meets up the popular Machame Route and from there shares the same path all the way to the summit.

The Northern Circuit route is the newest and longest route – and did we say it’s also truly beautiful? You’ll take nine days to reach the summit and, boy, you’ll remember every single one of those nine days!

The Marangu Route is the oldest, most well established route. The route was counted many years as the most popular route to the summit due to its Huts provided and gradual slopes. It is also known under the nickname Coca-Cola Route, because , Sleeping in huts on a bed with big sleeping Matt, and its gradual slopes,( no big valleys to walk through), make it it easy to climb like Just drimking a Coca-Cola. . However, nowdays many climbers prefer camping than Huts (Bandas).


The Umbwe Route is another best Scenic and with very natural thick forest because of less climbers use ut per year. It is the hardest and most challenging route up Kilimanjaro as it is very steep from Starting point to second day when you meet climbers from Machame on their Day Three at Barranco camp. It also have little opportunity for acclimatization and so it is only for the experienced high-altitude climber. It is the Route that Many Fast Ascent record holders use it to make it only in some hours from the bottom of the mountain to the summit and back.

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