Excursion Venue: Mt. Kenya National Park, Kenya.
Ascend: Sirimon Route
Descend: Chogoria toute
Target: Point Lenana (4,985 Metres Above Sea Level).
D e s c r i p t i o n – Starting at – Sirimon this trip is designed to see the best of the mountain. There is an ascent to Point Lenana at 4985m and so participants will ascend into extreme altitude on this trip.
H i g h l i g h t s – All the best parts of Mt Kenya, stunning views of the peaks, tarns and fantastic endemic flora. A chance of seeing some wildlife and arguably the prettiest high-altitude hike in East Africa. Please note -this itinerary offer gentle hikes and is recommended for with no experience with strong and long distance hike, The climb will be a non-technical ascent with the approach trail to Lenana 4985m Route itinerary


from Nairobi you will drive to the Sirimon gate of Mt. Kenya National park at 2600m. It is not uncommon to see baboons running through the trees and across the grass fields in front of the gate. Elephants are sometimes spotted here as well. We start our trek with a 3 to 4 hour hike up through the forest to Old Moses camp 3300m. Overnight in hut

After breakfast the hike starts through the barrow, towards the Likii North Valley, here the moorland offers a gentle climb through fascinating vegetation with a chance of seeing the peaks. we ascend for the glimpse of the peaks, proceeding to the spectacular view of Mackinders valley, dotted with Lobelias and other beautiful plants with views of the North faces of Nelion and Batian peaks before reaching Shiptons camp (4,200 m). Altitude gain: Time: 7hours walk. Overnight in hut

Alpine ascent of the third highest peak point Lenana (4,985m). It will take your approx. 4 hours of stiff walking to the summit. We wake at night at 2.30am for hot tea and biscuits. Ascend to Point Lenana at 4,985m for approx. 3 hours to arrive for sunrise. From here you can admire Mt. Kilimanjaro highest peaks, Kibo and Mawenzi visible from the south, Indian Ocean from the east and Mt. Elgon from the west. Afterwards we descend to Halls tarn (4300m) for breakfast; there will be some more fantastic scenery. After breakfast we start a 15km hike, taking 6 hours hiking gently down a broad ridge enjoying magnificent views back up the valley to the snowy peaks, and down to waterfall tarns and lava flows in the Gorges Valley itself. Lake Michelson, Lake Ellis, the giant billiard table and the Mugi hills will be visible at a distance. A picnic lunch will be provided on the way, spending the night at Chogoria Banda’s which provides hot showers.

After breakfast we walk for approximately 10km in the rain forest, enjoying the beautiful views. We then connect with your mountain 4×4 vehicles to drive you out of the park and down to Chogoria Town. Here you will transfer into another vehicle before continuing back to Nairobi or other planned destination, at this point you will bid goodbye to our guides and porters




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