When trekking Kilimanjaro mountain with us, Successfully is on the details. We care about every trekker’s well-being, both before the climb and on Kilimanjaro. That dedication is why Kilidestination trekkers have a 98% summit success rate..

From first mail.

From your first time connected with us, we provide good information that will helps you on choosing the best rout that will helps on your success.

Experienced Guides

Through our Professional Guides, you will be on good hands of advice according to how you feel and how the condition is on the Mountain that time. We are always flexible, not lies on common itineraries as we do what is comfortable and positive to our clients at given time. Example on Summit time, when it is Super cold on the mountain, and clients are from hot countries, this can make 40% failure for them to succeed, in this case we change itinerary and summit early morning. Our guides always not only advise but also listen and give time to discuss with clients, about what is best safe and comfortable for them to enjoy and success.


When you’re climbing one of the tallest mountains in the world, the outfitter you choose must prioritize safety above many other else. You can trust Kilidestination Kilimanjaro team to get you safely up the mountain. We have exceptionally qualified guides, rigorous safety protocols, and more medical equipment than many other Kilimanjaro outfitter

  • Each low season here, always April we conduct high standard First Aid course to our Guides also porter crews that makes them fast responded at any emergence on the mountain. To become the guide at Kilidestination, being certified on first aid trainee is one of our big concern
  • For all our trips, our team must have Oxygen tanks, a complete First Aid Kit with all other necessary medication needed on high altitude.
  • Safety of your properties. By using of the official porters from our office, everyone is faithfully and care ring of all stuffs at the camp from your bags when they carry them, to all at the camp.


We believe in Tour for Education. This means our porters and guides are all local hires. We saw how much desire these local Tanzanians wanted to work considering the average unemployment rate is above 40%. We are a Tour company that believes in working for education, and believe this is the best way to serve the community. 10% of the profit from each trip, we operate is guaranteed going to funding our KILIDESTINATION EDUCATION FUND and we don't accept any external donations. Let us work for you so we can send more locals to provide basic education.

Tanzania Local Children

In Tanzania we have some Non Profit Organization tha they are taking care of un abled children, from healthcare to their other daily life need and even education. These children are from very poor families or others have lost all their parents from different incidence and even deseasese like HIV/AIDS. We understand how hard is to care many children for all their daily life in everething needed to live as a human being hence, as part of the society we choose to save some money from tour we operates and donating to one of these ophanages. We can do by giving cash or buying some of children needs from clothing, daily uses materials or food. This happenns occassionaly as how we get new trips confirmed or when we have big national Events. Kilidestination dont accept any kind of donation so in case you want to help these children you can let us know and we will arrange that for you too, to meet, having fun and help the kids.