Trip organizer and Cheaf Guide from Moshi, Tanzania

He saw the opportunity after meeting with Steven and Chris to start a company to support the Education for Porters through work. He strongly believes that by using portion from the profit to send porters to school will bring better life not only to the porters themselves but to the families that are counting on them to bring food to the table. He quotes: "I will do everything to change the porters lives here in Tanzania, because I don't want them to go through the same hardship I went through"

Like many guides in Tanzania, Kelvin began started climbing as a porter back in 2007. With the money he made, he invested in his education, getting into high school and completing his degree from the Tourism Institute. As a porter, he realized the huge disadvantage of not having an education.

he has been guiding since 2010 working with over 300 groups from different parts of the world on Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru. Kelvin has a degree in Tourism and Guiding Management from the Tropical Institute of Tourism in Tanzania. He is also an experienced field guide from Arusha National Park, and also worked as a field specialist to identify and labeling animals and plants within the National Parks of Tanzania. He also worked with a safari company before becoming a full time mountain guide in 2010.


local Tanzania specialized on Guiding

He has being guiding clients to meet their dreams of Getting to The top of Africa Kilimanjaro summit 5895 since 2007. he graduate secondary education at Oshara School in 2003. Upon graduation he has been a porter for three years before joining the Intel College Of Tourism for Guiding Management..

After college he was given the opportunity to field study at Arusha National Park, where he use to climb Mt Meru as well. Now he has had over 10 years experience in leading different groups of climbers from all over the world to various mountains in Tanzania. In his guiding experience, he was inspired to work for Kilidestination, because he stands behind supporting those who work as porters.


Guide, amateur athlete and a seeker of adventures

Emmanuel Mrema, is a local professional mountain guide who have been leading clients to the Summit of Kilimanjaro and Meru Mountain.

He gain his more experience through climb as a porter for some years before Joining Nairobi Institute of Tourism and awarded diploma of Tourism and Guiding. Also he have acquired a certificate of Wilderness Fast Responded guide, that make him on good position in making decision on any case concerning high altitude sickness.

Emanuel have good experience of mountain,Touristic Geography, Professional Techniques and Social Anthropology fauna and flora as he is well trained in tourism industry for one year from college, and more experience on field working for over Eight yea.