Traveling half-way across the world to Africa for a safari holiday of a lifetime is a big decision. We know. And whilst sitting in the office, or at home in the UK, US or where in the world you may be reading this from, it’s very tricky to pick one safari operator.

So, if you are wondering ‘Why KILIDESTINATION’ you’ve landed on the right blog post. We have compiled a list of many reasons, that should take you no longer than few minutes to read, about why We are different to many other tour operator in Tanzania.

Best Safari Vehicles Fleet in Arusha

Kilidestination has an impressive Best comfortable Safari Vehicles

– with all the extra bells and whistles to navigate Tanzania. Our vehicles are sort of like SUVs on steroids! They are fully customized Land Cruisers complete with a pop-up roof, seven individual bucket seats, multiple device plugins, and its own cooler.

Beyond brilliant Guides

Our friendly, passionate guides are experts at a wide variety of skills: Tanzania’s cultural and natural history, language skills, and first aid training, Kilideatination Guides are multilingual – speaking Swahili, English and either German, Spanish, French or Italian. Our guides truly go the extra mile to ensure each client always feels fully supported.

Best Accomodation During your Safari

We believe on comfortability for best satisfaction trip. While with us we will prepare best hotel , or Tented lodge that will suit your needs, all from single traveler to Family group or even big groups. All is to make sure that you get best and safe accommodation for all time on your Safari.

In case of camping trip, we have classic Camping equipment, from tents , big comfortable Mattress, Chairs and tables for your enjoyable and remarkable adventure with us.

Best and Proffessional Sheff

This is very important person on the field. Kilidestination always use trained and experience cooks who have been working for over five years so they can make amaze and very test meals that will always brings up your appetite.