While you are achieve your goals , you will automatically allow Kilimanjaro porters, and un abled Tanzania local children to achieve theirs. We believe in giving back to the community from each trip we make, portion of every climb up Mount Kilimanjaro or Safari , will be saved to the Kilidestination Supporting Fund, something that already shows up positive result, as we have new cook, and waiters that are now working with us as our best camp Managers and Best Cooks. Also some other porters are still on progress. And now we are looking foward for having Guides from this Kilidestination Foundation

Tour for Education

As many other African countries, Tanzania have been in problem of many non-educated local people because for some years back majority of the parents couldnt afford to take their children to school. Mount Kilimanjaro have been best destination for this group, as to be a Kilimanjaro porter only needs hardworking and to be strong not education. So many people from different parts of the country work there as their permenent job for supporting their fanmilies and all who rely on them. Some they still have dreams but cant make it, hence Kilidestination take this part to change their dreams to reality, even for some percentages if not full changes they want.

We believe in Tour for Education. This means our porters and guides are all local hires. We saw how much desire these local Tanzanians wanted to work considering the average unemployment rate is above 40%. We are a Tour company that believes in working for education, and believe this is the best way to serve the community. Portion of our profit from tour operation is guaranteed going to funding this mission, and we don't accept any external donations. Let us work for you so we can send more locals to provide basic education. .


Daniel Mollel
(he has been be in the program before )

Godson Nanyaro

Juma Issa

Lazaro John

How it Works

Each low season (the off season for Mountain climb) we select porters from our crew that have work with us for over ten trips successfully and fithfully and send them to school of Language. Our courses starts from three months to one year, so once a porter starts this course, we will be with him up to the end of the course.

From here he/she is free to choose keep on with us or to find any other opportunity he/she wants. By keep staying with us there have another oportunity of their choice, either to keep on with Guiding school or Food bevarage cources and later becomes one of our Guides or Sheffs.


Daniel Mollel

(After being trained, he is now Expecting to become the Mountain Guide)

Idd Rajab
(He is Expecting to become the Safari Guide)

Kassim Ramadhani
(He is the Mountain and Safari Shef)

We also have other porters who are still on progress. On the beginning of the course, they start 3 months up to Six months course, here we find out how they are going , and if they are not good enough they can continue up to one year.

This is the continued program , in which as more time and trips we get is how we manage to take more of our porters to school and after years many of the Tanzanians will change their living standards by having more good working posts.

We operate by with these simple model

1. Hire local so the economic benefits goes back to the local Tanzanian community. We guarantee 100% of your tour spend will be captivated to those who worked

2. Be honest and truthful to our customers who want the local experience

3. Unlike external large corporate tour companies that usually takes 30%+ profit margins based in San Francisco, New York, or London base we use all the money for local education.

The average conditions of the porters who work on the mountain routes are relatively harsh. Most large tour organization pay porters $8 - $16 per day to carry over 20 kg of loads up and down the mountain. These porters also work on average of 10 hours a day. The difference between porters and guides are come from lack of education, and one critical component is ability to speak English and access to primary, secondary education. We want to help not only the porters but also their family to improve their living standards that can possible be a domino effect to the local community.

1. Instead of being the middle matching agency we hire local porters and pay more for their labor since we are a non-profit company.

2. The profit that we make from the tour goes into Kilidestination Education Scholarship Funds.

3. For those porters & cooks who have completed 10 tours with us are eligible to access our Scholarship fund on a first comes first basis.

4. While the porters & cooks attend the English language school we pay their full salary as if they were part of our tour. (usually 3 months)

5. If the porters & cooks want to designate one of their family members to attend school in spite of them their family members can also take benefit of this Scholarship funds.

6. After getting an education, they do not need to repay or need to stay with our organization, they are free to go apply the new skills they have acquired for whatever function they desire.